The free emergency service relief of Dr. SAM

For small animal clinics, animal health centres and veterinary practices

Help at any time - also for the veterinarian

Relief for employees and patients

Due to structural change and stricter laws on working hours, veterinary companies - especially in the emergency service - have come under severe pressure. The consequences are stressed and frustrated patients and staff, long waiting times and inefficient procedures.

We at Dr. SAM relieve your veterinary business free of charge during your emergency service or outside your opening hours. Our goal is to improve the overall quality of veterinary care in Germany through a centralized veterinary system that is available to patient owners daily via telephone and video call.

The most important in brief
Your benefits from a cooperation with Dr. SAM
  • Initial assessment and referral
    We offer patient owners an initial assessment of the situation via video chat and reliably refer them to your facility at the right time.
  • Filtering and increasing efficiency
    Patient owners whose situations do not turn out to be acute emergencies can receive competent advice from us and visit your company for the next consultation hour. We thus guarantee you a better filtered patient volume, shorter waiting times for owners and less stress for your employees.
  • Referrals and patient data
    Recorded customer and anamnesis data will always be made available to you subsequently in the context of referrals, so that further treatments can take place at your premises.
  • The cooperation with Dr. SAM is free of charge for you!
Fast help - very simple.

How the cooperation works

first step

Dr. SAM will answer calls received outside your office hours and make an initial assessment of the case.

step two

In the case of minor complaints or general health issues, we can advise patient owners and thus distinguish and filter out acute emergencies.

step three

After the forwarded calls you will receive all anamnesis data of your patients for your files.

We take care of the administration

No technical effort -
no service costs

Dr. SAM provides the necessary system, takes care of the routing and manages the incoming calls.

Every veterinary service works differently - therefore Dr. SAM offers you an individual solution for your emergency service system or your times of absence! No obligations, no running times! Test the cooperation with us without obligation and form your own opinion.

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