Our Community

Because we love our animals

We are very proud and happy that so many pet owners who once experienced quick help via smartphone have become ardent supporters of our idea.

To thank our supporters, our doctors regularly answer questions and give tips in the form of expert articles and live chats.

You have any more questions?

What is the emergency hotline?

Through our emergency hotline you can reach an experienced veterinarian around the clock IMMEDIATELY, who can immediately help you with your problem.

Typical questions that reach us are

  • Does my animal have to go to the animal hospital immediately or can it wait until tomorrow/the day after tomorrow?
  • How can I stop bleeding myself (e.g. how to apply bandages)
  • etc.

Who can I contact at the emergency hotline?

At the emergency hotline you can only reach veterinarians with many years of practical experience. In addition, all veterinarians have received special training regarding the specifics of an emergency call.