The Story

Every journey begins with a first step.
This is our story.



The aha-moment

An idea is born

For many years we have had the feeling that the positive aspects of digitisation have never really arrived in veterinary medicine. Of course there have been some positive developments, but for pet owners the question still often arises: What do I do in situations where my vet is not available? Why can't I get the help I need anytime, anywhere?

In November 2017, we spoke to some human health professionals about the potential of telemedicine and were thrilled to hear about how to help people via video consultation. It was immediately clear to us - we also want to make this possible for veterinary medicine.

It becomes concrete

We want to change things



But first we wanted to find out what other vets thought of our idea. We had many conversations and interviews. After initial scepticism, however, we heard the same statements again and again: a digital video consultation opens up many new possibilities in veterinary care - for general consultations on animal diseases, on specific questions of treatment or even second opinions and many other topics.

It was clear to us: We will change something!



The team is growing

Our new comrades-in-arms

Once the decision was made to build up Dr. SAM, however, we faced many challenges and questions. How can we guarantee the highest standards in veterinary care? Which veterinarians do we need in our team for the first weeks and months? Which technological challenges have to be mastered? Which consultants do we need in the background to help us? It was clear: we need a top team for Dr. SAM.

Our new comrades-in-arms are coming on board.

The journey begins

On to new shores



In October 2018, the time has finally come - we will start with our first prototype and consult our first patients with our team of veterinarians. Already the first online consultations are a great success, because we feel how grateful people and animals are to have a competent veterinarian at their side who is always there for them.


Shaping the future

Making a better life for animals and people

Based on modern technologies, our experienced team of doctors and trainers will be able to provide you with the right form of care when and where you need it.

Our goal is to be there for you anytime and anywhere!