We bring animal health
into the 21st century

Our animals are family members, friends, playmates and protectors. They cheer us up when we are sad and their joy is contagious. They are exciting and provide fun and movement.

We want the best for them and do everything we can to make them healthy and feel comfortable with us. But when they suffer, we are often helpless and worry. How bad is it? Do we have to go to the surgery or even to an animal clinic? Right now or can it wait?

"Our goal is to make the lives of animals and their owners better. Therefore, we have rethought the way veterinary counseling works."

Dr. Jan Holzapfel
Father, dog owner and founder of Dr. SAM

Our mission

To provide animal lovers with easy access to excellent veterinary advice at any time - we want to help and provide security so that you feel better and have more time for what really counts.

Always there when you need us

As soon as you start to worry about the health and well-being of your pet, you can immediately contact Dr. SAM. Your animal cannot tell you what it is missing, what it is suffering from and whether it is in pain. Decisive indications are his condition and behaviour. Only an experienced veterinarian can deduce what is wrong with your animal. Our veterinarians at Dr. SAM will be happy to advise you.

Telemedicine: Animal health

In human medicine, the use of video consultations has long since begun to close gaps in care: out in the country or in the city, at night and at weekends. We want to make this great potential available to you and your animal. So you can get veterinary advice and help anywhere and anytime. By phone or video. That is our claim and our goal.

and professional

The veterinarians of Dr. SAM will give you competent advice and support you with their expert advice. Should the condition and behaviour of your animal indicate a serious illness and an examination is necessary, our veterinarians at Dr. SAM will responsibly recommend a visit to a veterinary practice or clinic.

Jan and David

Dr. Jan Holzapfel and David Richter,
founders of Dr. SAM