Why the membership?

For big & small worries - your personal veterinarian, there for you around the clock!

every 3 month
"What's wrong with my pet?"
Anxiety, worries and stress - this is what we all feel when we have to ask ourselves this question. So that you are not alone with these feelings, there is the excellent all-round care of Dr. SAM.

3 good reasons for membership

  1. No more unnecessary costs
    We want to help your animal and you. We can do this best if you don't have to think about the costs for every little question.
  2. Less stress
    The availability and comparatively low costs mean less stress for your pet and you. Because you do not have to run to the local vet for every little thing. So you have less worries and no stress in the waiting room.
  3. 365 days a year - as often as you want
    Contact us as often as you want and let our vets help you - even with smaller and less urgent questions. At no extra cost.
Not only in an emergency
365 days a year all-round care for your pet
Dr. sam Membership
For 3 months
"Your guardian angel - always there when you're worried about your furry nose!"
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2. select animal species
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3. what membership offers
Available 365 days a year
Available 365 days a year
Our veterinarians are there for you every day from 8 a.m. to midnight. Also on Sundays and holidays
8 to 24 hours
Daily 8-24
Also available for you outside the regular opening hours.
Veterinary Flatrate
Veterinary flat rate
Talk to one of our veterinarians at any time free of charge, even with supposed trifles
More animals can be added
More animals can be added
Just send us an email to service@drsam.de.
Immediately available
Immediately available
As soon as you are a member you can use the online veterinarian flatrate.
As often as you like
As often as you like
Let one of our vets help you at any time via video call - as often as you want. At no extra cost.
Dr. SAM Consulting
49,90 EUR
per consultation
Only for emergencies & urgent questions
Daily (except public holidays)
Except for public holidays
Reachable from 9-22
Reachable from 9-22
Accessible everywhere
Accessible everywhere
By phone, WhatsApp or video chat
Billing per consultation
Billing per consultation
Waiting time from 30 minutes
Waiting time from 30 minutes
Among others known from
Any questions?
Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why does membership make sense?

We know that a one-time consultation with the veterinarian is often not sufficient to clarify all questions and uncertainties. Often further questions arise during the course of the disease.

The membership enables us to be quickly available for shorter or less urgent questions (e.g. about nutrition or minor injuries) in addition to these questions. Questions for which the veterinarians on site in the practice often do not have the time.

To avoid additional costs for you in such cases, we have decided to become a member. With us you will receive telemedical all-round care from the veterinarians of Dr. SAM as often as you like. We are always available for you, help you and actively inquire during the recovery process how your darling is doing.

Do you get advice from real veterinarians?

Yes, all veterinarians at Dr. SAM are licensed veterinarians in Germany with at least 5 years of professional experience.

How can Dr. SAM help in an emergency?

In such an extreme stress situation, Dr. SAM helps by the expert accompaniment of a veterinarian via telephone or video chat. In this way, misconduct can be avoided, which may further aggravate the situation.

So far, we have been able to help pets in 80% of cases by saving them the stressful and expensive way to a clinic.

For which animal species does the membership apply?

Membership can currently only be taken out for dogs, cats and pets. Our veterinarians cannot give advice on birds, reptiles, horses or wild animals.

What services do I receive with my membership?

You can contact us as often as you want, at any time, and if necessary, you can have a video conversation with a vet.

Will there be other costs?

No, with Dr. SAM you always pay only the cost of the membership you have chosen. There are no hidden costs.

Who is liable in case of wrong advice?

All veterinarians in Germany must be insured. The veterinarians of Dr. SAM are no exception. In the event of damage, the insurance company will pay.

How can I cancel my membership with Dr. SAM?

The membership can be cancelled at least one month before renewal. Cancellations are made in writing by e-mail to service@drsam.de.

What happens if I don't quit?

Your membership will be automatically renewed for your chosen term (3 or 12 months) and we will send you a new invoice.

Do you have further questions?

Have we aroused your interest but not yet answered all your questions? Talk to our veterinary assistants in the chat. We will gladly answer all your questions about the membership of Dr. SAM.

Have we aroused your interest but not yet answered all your questions? Then contact us and arrange a personal meeting. We would be happy to meet you, answer your questions and hopefully welcome you soon in the Dr. SAM puppy program!

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At the moment Dr. SAM is at night and is not available.

Our daily office hours are
Monday through Sunday: 8am

- midnight Love,
your team of Dr. SAM