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Talk to our vets via video chat 365 days a year and receive up to €2,500 in an emergency - for just €9.90/month . Clickhere for more info.

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Advantages of Dr SAM



Skip unnecessary trips to the vet

Avoid the stress in the vet's waiting room

Provide remote care instantly

Daily from 8 to 24 hours

Price for video chat/phone call
9,90€/per conversation*
Speak to a vet now
* If the consultation should become more complex, the veterinarian will inform you beforehand and obtain your consent.
Clarify your request now with one of our experienced veterinarians

In a few clicks to the veterinarian

1. Contact via WhatsApp
We are always available. If you have any questions you can always contact us via WhatsApp. Our veterinarians help daily from 8am to 12am.
2. Describe the problem
Tell us what your pet's problem is. Our veterinarians will then prepare for the consultation and contact you as soon as possible via WhatsApp video call.
3. Speak to a veterinarian
During the consultation, our veterinarian will answer your questions, discuss the problems of your pet and give you confidence about what to do next.

Dr. SAM - Visit the vet by smartphone

Imagine your animal has a problem and you are unsure what to do. Do I have to go to the vet? Is it an emergency? What can I do to make my pet feel better?

With Dr. SAM you can get advice from experienced veterinarians around the clock.

  • Should I go to a veterinarian's office?
  • What can I do myself to help my animal?
  • Is this an emergency?
  • And many more questions...

Advice from experienced veterinarians

The veterinarians at Dr.SAM are carefully selected and always registered in Germany. In addition to clinical experience required, a passion for people and animals is important.

The criteria for our veterinarians at Dr.SAM
  • At least 5 years of clinical experience
  • Dealing with complex medical cases
  • Modern technical equipment for high picture and sound quality
  • Permanently good ratings from animal owners

Available for you around the clock

Health issues can arise at any time.
We at Dr.SAM will not leave you alone in these situations. That is why we are there for you every day from 8 to 24 o'clock!

  • Your animal has a problem and the vet is already closed
  • You are not mobile and the vet is far away
  • Visiting a doctor is very stressful for your animal
  • Dr. Google has no answers for you...

How much does it cost to see Dr. SAM?

10€ to max. 25€*

This is how the treatment works >
Can Dr. SAM help in my case?
* The veterinarians at Dr. SAM bill exclusively according to the official GOT (Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte), which is obligatory for all veterinarians in Germany.
A consultation with Dr. SAM will therefore never cost you more than at a local veterinarian, but it is much more convenient.

Procedure of a consultation

1. choose appointment & doctor

You simply choose the next best date that suits you and enter the required data.


2. doctor's consultation

Your vet will call you at the agreed time or as soon as possible if necessary by video call or telephone.
He will answer your questions, discuss your pet's problems and advise you on treatment.


3. immediate certainty

You have certainty what your animal is missing, what you can do and if it is something urgent that makes a visit to the doctor on site indispensable.

During office hours

We help with many symptoms


General condition

For example, does your pet show a reduced general condition or is losing weight or seems to be underperforming

  • bites and scratches
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Bad breath
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms

eyes & ears

The eyes of your animal have discharge or are reddened or the ears itch or your animal appears to you hard of hearing

  • Eye changes
  • Blindness
  • Ear Shaking
  • Outflow
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms


Your animal coughs or has nasal discharge or shows an abnormal breathing sound

  • Cough
  • Sniffles
  • Nasal discharge
  • Breath sounds
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms

Gastrointestinal tract

Your animal has diarrhoea or vomiting or flatulence or problems with defecation

  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Poisoning
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms


Your animal drinks more or has problems with urination (e.g. urinary dysfunction, incontinence etc.) or is apparently pregnant

  • Fertility disorders
  • Birth disorders
  • Mammary gland problems
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms

Nervous System

Your animal has its head crooked or shows seizures or signs of blindness

  • Cramps
  • Head Misalignment
  • Twitching
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms

Locomotor system

Your animal is lame or has other locomotor problems

  • Lameness
  • limping
  • other abnormalities
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms

Skin & Coat

Your animal has hair loss or itching or skin changes

  • Hair Loss
  • Itching
  • Skin changes
  • Violations
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms


Your animal shows unusual behaviour e.g. suddenly unclean again, defecation etc.

  • Manure Eating
  • Psychological disorders
  • Behavioural problems
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms


Your animal has a feed allergy or is overweight or underweight or you are looking for a general feed advice

  • Overweight
  • Underweight
  • noticeable weight changes
  • Feed allergy
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms


You would like to buy a puppy and have questions about breeds, purchase, care or other topics

  • Acquisition
  • Care
  • Breed specifics
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms

Further consulting topics

Advice on animal health insurance, castration, vaccinations, parasite control (fleas, ticks etc.), travel regulations, travel diseases and other topics

  • Health Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel advice
  • Castration
  • etc.
To the consultation hour >Show more symptoms

What our customers say


"My little Chihuahua had very strong bad breath and the search on Google made me totally insecure. The friendly veterinarian of Dr.SAM helped me a lot and explained the problem of my dog in detail".

Anja Chlapakov

"...I found it particularly good that the veterinarian had prepared herself well for my request and was therefore able to help quickly with the necessary information. I felt that I was in good hands and could leave out the visit to the vet."

Heike Orian

"Our tomcat is already very old and a visit to the vet is always extremely stressful for him. We just wanted to try if a service like Dr.SAM can help us. What can I say? No stress and our issue was solved. Amazing!"

Patrick Krause

"My dog Freddie had a very watery eye. I don't have a car and an appointment at the vet is always very expensive for me. Dr.SAM has helped me a lot. I was able to react on my own. 2 days later the problem was solved."

Melanie Hesch

"I was skeptical at first if Dr.SAM really helps. The professional competence and also the speed with which I was helped convinced me! I particularly liked the video call. I am more than satisfied!"

Nadia Kösters

"My dog needed an operation on his teeth. Because surgery on the dentition is always done under general anesthesia, I wanted to get a second opinion. Dr.SAM's specialists helped me a lot and I'm glad to be safe now.

Verena Klönter
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